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UK Tour:  Premiering at Harrogate Theatre from 18-26 September

then touring until 28 Nov 2015

For the first time Conrad Nelson directs and appears in a Northern Broadsides production.

We will return to the works of Shakespeare this autumn with a daringly theatrical and heartbreakingly human new staging of Shakespeare’s tale of reconciliation, love and forgiveness – The Winter’s Tale.

The play opens on New Year’s Eve in 1999, the Millennium bells ring out with hope for the new century. But a lower, ominous note underscores these festivities.

What follows is a beautiful and beguiling love story where the cold hand of winter gives way to the brightness and vibrancy of spring.

This will be the first time in our 23 years old history that we will have staged

The Winter’s Tale,  Shakespeare with vigour, live music, song and dance.

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