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In The Round – by Jim

Stoke – New Vic –  ‘In the round’. I haven’t played in the round Professionally. There’s a real knack to it. It’s a bit different to playing in Pros. Rutter gave me lots of help which I was very grateful for. There’s screens in the back showing what’s happening on stage. I was constantly watching […]
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What we have been up to – By Jim

Bury St Edmunds. The Theatre is lovely. Old school. Very unique too. With a semi circle of seated boxes at the back. The dressing room had a window looking onto the park and a PlayStation 2 in the Green Room. Me and Booth did play GTR quite a bit. The audiences were lovely too. Me, […]
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We’re on tour. We are on tour! By Jim

We’re on tour. We are on tour! I’m writing this waiting for my train at Piccadilly Manchester going to Bury St Edmunds. Never been to Bury St Edmunds. But it sounds quite posh. Me, Booth and Jackie are staying in digs a few miles out on an Alpaca farm. Couldn’t make it up! Here’s where […]
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Jos is the designated DJ in the dressing room. He picks songs everyone kind of likes. Chuck Berry Chubby Checker Ritchie Valens Tom Jones. Jackie Naylor & Jos & have started doing pre-show dance to La Bamba. They sometimes persuade me to join in too! Jess designer on For Love or Money isn’t with us […]
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We’ve opened! We are open! – By Jim

We’ve opened! We are open! First night is always a bit nerve racking. You’ve been rehearsing without an audience for 3 weeks and then suddenly you’re under the arches in this powerful atmospheric magnified space called the Viaduct performing it in front of hundreds of people. I tell you I don’t half panic during the […]
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It was Bank Holiday Monday. So first day back is Tuesday. With a full day of rehearsals lost, we might have to make up some time in the evenings. Hull FC won the final at Wembley so Barrie is happy too! I’m getting the train from Manchester to Halifax everyday while we rehearse. Halifax station […]
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First Day – by Jim English

The first day –  By Jim English I’m late! I’m late! First day! Of all the days! The train broke down, I’ve ran from Halifax station to Dean Clough and I’m sweating like I’m in a spelling test! I walk in to the rehearsal room. The newly built very suave rehearsal room. He’s happy to […]
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