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Farewell – By Suzanne Ahmet

With huge love and farewell thanks to all the beautiful theatres who gave us a home, to our incredible audiences and all those lovely people who read the blogs. It’s been a pleasure and a true privilege. Have an amazing summer!!!! Xxxxx
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Curiosity – by Suzanne

I’ve never been shy to ask questions – whether or not that’s a trait to be proud of, I don’t know. What I do know is: the act of asking has opened up Aladdin’s caves, left me dazed, moved and on a new path of discovery and curiosity. When someone lets me into their world […]
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Finding Your Tribe – by Suzanne

A few weeks ago, our Super Stage Manager, Jay Hirst, did me a massive solid and pointed me in the direction of Johann Hari and his interview on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast. Jay suggested I listen and think about a blog, based on the topics of discussion:  loneliness, depression and the importance of a fulfilling […]
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Fathers, Collection 2 – By Suzanne

Anthony Hunt Transcription from recorded interview Deeply, Madly in Love, All their Lives Right, I think one of the early memories is, it would be Sunday and it was probably every Sunday, when I was a kid, very very little, must’ve been, oh, up to the age of 10.  And my Dad and his brother, […]
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Fathers – by Suzanne

One of the main threads in Hard Times is a Father’s relationship with his two children.  Through the course of 2.5 hours, we see a groomed, textbook approach to raising children, unravel and expose the threadbare consequences of relying on fact and etiquette, rather than love and attention to the individual and that individuals needs. […]
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We All Learn Differently – By Suzanne

“You can’t teach me to chop vegetables on paper….show me once and that’s all I need”.  Stuart, Chef and Co-owner of The Loom Lounge Café and Roastery. We all learn differently.  This has been one of the most important lessons I’ve absorbed as a professional actor. Between 2 and 15 (or more) people can turn […]
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A tapestry of voices – By Suzanne

  A tapestry of voices is emerging in our telling of this story and it is at once beautiful and charged. We hear voices from very different worlds: the self-made man, the Gradgrind school of reason and logic, the impact of this school on his family and students, the moneyed gentry, the circus and of […]
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Music, music, music – By Suzanne

The Viaduct rooms have been filled with rhythm, percussion, and vocal muscle since last Monday – and it’s flippin’ exciting!!!   Every spirit in this company came through the doors with a huge helping of honesty, heart and generosity on day 1:  and spirit seems to be at the very core of our whole project. […]
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In The Round – by Jim

Stoke – New Vic –  ‘In the round’. I haven’t played in the round Professionally. There’s a real knack to it. It’s a bit different to playing in Pros. Rutter gave me lots of help which I was very grateful for. There’s screens in the back showing what’s happening on stage. I was constantly watching […]
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What we have been up to – By Jim

Bury St Edmunds. The Theatre is lovely. Old school. Very unique too. With a semi circle of seated boxes at the back. The dressing room had a window looking onto the park and a PlayStation 2 in the Green Room. Me and Booth did play GTR quite a bit. The audiences were lovely too. Me, […]
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