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Broadsides says…

A resounding thank you for contributing to the Rehearsal Suite Fund and for helping us improve our unique venue.

As you know from watching our productions in the Viaduct it is not the driest of atmospheres, and it has been no different backstage. Damp costumes- no fault of the Wardrobe mistress; queues for the one toilet; jockeying for the two sinks- you get the picture! Now thanks to you, Showers, Toilets, Laundry facilities and a Green Room all kitted out and surrounding our very own Rehearsal Room. On your side, easier audience access with brighter house lighting and an assisted hearing loop will complete this stage of refurbishing.

I love standing at the top of the tunnel on performance nights and welcoming you to “our ‘Ouse”- and part of that welcome is the admission that ours is a very rare space with many idiosyncrasies. The Arts Council, led by our clamorous requests, and Dean Clough, led by the indefatigable Jeremy Hall, have now made our theatrical nights a tad comfier.



Our Thanks to:

Deborah Gardner
Olinda Oleksewycz
Peter Tomlinson
Edward P Harrison
Ruth Eversley
Peter Bartle
Pamela Davies
Joyce Lockwood
Annie Holling
Nevin Ward
Susannah Smith
Pete Arthur
Barbara Kelly
Gill Aspinall
Linda Bridges
Sue McCormick
Julie Cullen
Malcolm Gibbons
David McDonnell
Mr & Mrs Turner
Jane O’Kane
Angela Edwards
Shirley Rubinstein
Geoffrey Bamforth
Roger Crowther
Mike Wragg
Philip Savage
Hilda King
Angela Lomax
Helen Bridle
Patricia Kilpatrick
Helen Galvin
Valerie Beech in memory of David Beech
Geoff Lockyer
Jane Senior
Adam Sunderland
Maeve Larkin
Roger & Sue Harvey
Katie Greenwood
Rosemary Ellis
Patricia Golden
Nicola White
Angela Ritter
Lindsay Horne
Liz Westbrook
Josie Cromwell
Kat Martin
Phil Davies
Libby Wattis
Alan Palmer
Alan & Jane Stanger
Mr Roy & Lesley
Sara Poyzer
Richard Standing
Matt Connor
Cath Kinsella

And to the many who wish to remain anonymous!

A massive and heart felt

thank you

to you for contributing to the Rehearsal Suite Fund.Boar for email
Every penny is going to make a big difference in bringing about this momentous change to our facilities.


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