Photo by Alex Brenner.

Palm Reading
by Daniel Bye

Commissioned by Absolutely Cultured and Northern Broadsides.

Two people meet in real life for the first time since lockdown.

One is played by you.

The other is played by someone you’ve never met.

Palm Reading is a live online performance encounter for you and a stranger. Meeting one another for the first time through this script, you’ll experience closeness and distance in a whole new set of ways.

To experience Palm Reading, you’ll need to find a partner. You could ask around via your own social media, or you could find someone through the comments on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. If you prefer you can sign up to our list below and we’ll find you a partner. Then just download the document, and make sure you read the instructions a few hours in advance.

It lasts somewhere a little upwards of ten minutes, but allow longer. There is no audience, just you and your partner. And since a couple of actors have asked me: no, you don’t need to learn the lines. In fact, you’re asked to not even read the script in advance. We’d love you to send over a recording of you performing the script! Please send them to Jess.

If you have any questions please email