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Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing
by William Shakespeare

The soldiers’ war is over! On then with the merry war of wit, vitality and brilliance; on to revelry, the delights and trials of courtship and finally to the concord of marriage itself. Northern Broadsides’ usual recipe of clarity, spontaneity and celebration served up this bounty of Shakespeare’s craft. An abundance of happiness, villainy, comic ineptitude, wit and charm cooked up with the lavish ingredients of English country dance and music.

“Deborah McAndrew and Conrad Nelson make an attractively sparkish couple. She is brisk, jolly and cute; he is tall, self-important but always winningly absurd…….This is a real, fluffy treat. The music is pure, unalloyed delight.”
The Daily Mail

“Shakespeare does not get much better, or more enjoyable than this.”
The Stage

“The greatest pleasure is that guaranteed by all Northern Broadsides productions of Shakespeare: the chance to hear the bard’s language recast in its closest modern equivalent. Add to this crisp all-round performances and you have the makings of a must see.”
Manchester Evening News

Much Ado About NothingMuch Ado About NothingMuch Ado About NothingMuch Ado About Nothing


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