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A new version
By Blake Morrison

A war has ended. Peace. Celebration – and problems.

Antigone, hot-headed, wilful, stubborn daughter of Oedipus, must defy the new ruler, Creon, to bury her brother – traitorous leader of the failed rebellion. Caught in the act, she is condemned and brings death upon herself out of loyalty to her dead brother.

The individual versus the state, conscience versus the law, divine law versus human – Antigone is undoubtedly Sophocles’ masterpiece. Blake Morrison’s contemporary version is firmly rooted in the present. His spellbinding text, has an immediacy that brings this monumental story vividly to life. Northern Broadsides’ vigorous approach to classic drama supports the power and enormity of this tale.

“Morrison’s new version of Antigone by Sophocles is a real

The Daily Mail

“Rutter’s directing is sure and vigorous…. stunning music and
choreography…..arguably (Morrison’s) best work for the theatre
to date.”

The Stage

“Overwhelming…..It’s classical tragedy that speaks our language.”
The Guardian

“Rutter’s production is a model of clarity, vigorous and shock horror…..unmissable.”
The Daily Mail

“From the moment the lights go up on the Chorus we know that we will be completely caught up in the drama. Immediately accessible…this is not one of those plays where you need to get clued up on the story before you go to the theatre.”
BBC online


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