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Henry V

by William Shakespeare

Henry V is an inspiring leader of men, an unstoppable force in the battle to win the Crown of France. The Batlle of Agincourt raises his status to heroic proportions, but what price kingship? This is the story of the coming of age of a man, a King and the nature of power.

“Conrad Nelson’s Henry is no cut-out hero, but a man struggling to find himself and desperately wanting. Like all the other performances here it is strong, direct and feels scrupulously honest. It is acting without the fancy show-off bits, and you can’t help warming to it.”
Lyn Gardner – The Guardian

“Each play carries us into its individual world…the clear verse-speaking is sensibly emphatic….. “The king that (Conrad) Nelson is lets us vividly see is one whose charismatic public confidence sweeps up his men to give of their utmost.”
Jeremy Kingston – The Times

“Splendidly royal, sensitively human, irritatingly mischievous, deliberately gauche, Nelson changes like a chameleon – but his Henry is never less than spellbinding (in) a production brimming with fresh insights,”
Lynda Murdin – Yorkshire Post

“The sprit of national grit and glory suggested by the Shakespearean tradition of strolling players is best embodied today by Northern Broadsides.”
“An Elizabethan double of special quality…here is the true, beating heart of British theatre.”
Michael Coveney – Daily Mail

UK Spring Tour 2003
touring with A Woman Killed With Kindness

Henry VHenry VHenry VHenry V

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