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Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors is a wonderful comic exasperation of mistaken identity. With its zany plot centred on two sets of twins, a pair of sisters, a mother and a father, this farcical caper through the island of Ephesus culminates in a fantastically light hearted resolution.

Comedy of Errors
by William Shakespear

“The Comedy of Errors is one of the best shaped and best choreographed productions to come from Northern Broadsides. It has the planning and precision of a chess game yet there is no sign of slickness.”
The Stage

“This has to be one of the best nights I’ve ever had at the theatre and it felt like. If you only go the theatre once this year, make sure it’s to see Northern Broadsides “The Comedy Of Errors”

“Rutter’s perky, pastel-coloured 1950s interpretation is notable for its lightness of tone.”
The Guardian

“this is a brisk and breezy production”
Financial Times

“The Comedy Of Errors is one of the lightest of Shakespeare’s plays – no great truths are discussed, there isn’t even a fool to utter words of wisdom. It’s a series of misunderstandings played for laughs but, judging by this production, it could have been written yesterday.”

“It would be a very disappointing Broadsides show that didn’t boast a first-rate ensemble cast, and there isn’t a single weak link in this Comedy. Indeed, the play lends itself so perfectly to the Broadsides style that it could almost have been commissioned by them”
British Theatre Guide

“The whole production is slick and sharp, especially during the frenetic second half.
By the time the fantastical climax is reached the whole audience is rooting for the tortured twins to find each other. It’s a very enjoyable show.”

Edinburgh Guide

“Every part was played to perfection – If you thought you had been put off Shakespeare for ever after some unfortunate school experiences this is where you can see what you have been missing. You will certainly see his plays in a new light, and have a thoroughly enjoyable evening

Comedy of ErrorsComedy of ErrorsComedy of ErrorsComedy of ErrorsComedy of Errors

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