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The Cracked Pot

by Blake Morrison
from Kleist’s Der Zerbrochene Krug

The Yorkshire Dales, 1810.
In a small town, a family heirloom is smashed.

Judge Adam is both judge and villain in the raucous farce of a court case that ensues.

Under the watchful eyes of Lancastrian Judge Walter Clegg, the law is turned on its head in a chaotic hearing where Judge Adam uses every corrupt trick in the book, from blackmail to barefaced lies, in order to extricate himself from the increasingly damning evidence.

Populated by a clutch of wickedly funny characters, The Cracked Pot is a riotous comedy set in deepest Yorkshire, positively crackling with northern wit and steeped in earthy satire on small town corruption.

“An upfront, no-nonsense production….We know Rutter’s Adam
is wicked, but by God he’s fun.”

The Financial Times

“A gloriously bawdy romp….Hypnotically funny….undiluted joy.”
The Stage

“ invigorating work from Barrie Rutter’s glorious Northern
Broadsides: an instant classic…..beguiling and bewitching”

The Observer

“an uninhibited celebration of the Yorkshire tongue….a joy.”

The Guardian

“This forgotten antique (Der Zerbrochene Krug) suddenly reveals
itself as an extraordinary combination of joyful romp and courtroom drama.”

The Yorkshire Post

The Cracked PotThe Cracked PotThe Cracked PotThe Cracked Pot

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