Watching a show is an experience in itself, but having watched it develop from a small idea to a completed production is an entirely different journey. Without giving too much away, I’m going to give you a little insight into Christmas Broadsides. 

The name of the show is very literal, as the cast perform Broadsides about Christmas which cover a range of different themes such as joy, family and celebration, whilst also delving into the darker side, like loss and isolation. Readers be warned, if you’re coming to see the show, bring tissues. 

My role as the Production Assistant meant I got to watch the magic happen.
From day one, the enthusiasm from everyone involved assured me this was going to be something special. I was in awe of the music produced by Alice Jones and the asylum seekers joining us for the production (Amir and Kamran) and when they played together, it came together so naturally that I genuinely thought they’d worked on it before hand (they hadn’t). 

Christmas Broadsides Behind the Scenes

Of course, there were some ‘difficult’ moments. I’d say our biggest challenge came from spending an absurd amount of time trying to find a word that rhymed with ‘outer’ as we chose to rewrite one of the Broadsides. The more we tried, the sillier it became and it got to the point where we needed to take a breather and come back to it after a much-needed cup of tea. Speaking of tea, I can honestly say I’ve never drank so much of the stuff in my life. In that one week, the amount consumed was ridiculous and it put me off drinking it for ages. Note to self, just because everyone else is having one, doesn’t mean I have to as well.

Christmas Broadsides Behind the Scenes

As the show isn’t scripted, it meant we got to play around with a lot of ideas and because of this, many spontaneous moments occurred. Whilst discussing our Christmas traditions, Kamran explained the different games he would play with his friends and family. Before we know it, we were in teams and playing a game called ‘Zoo’ which reminded me a little bit of the game ‘Bulldog’. Even stranger, Kamran displayed some karate moves where he kicked a cup out someone’s hand about 6 feet off the ground. It was impressive but I stopped breathing whilst he was doing it. 

Christmas Broadsides Cast

As I am only here until the end of February next year, I won’t get to see our 2020 Spring Tour production of Quality Street through to the end… so it is so exciting to be part of Christmas Broadsides from start to finish. As a bonus, with Laurie guiding me and giving me this experience, I will walk away feeling accomplished and proud to say I was part of something amazing. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together in December. Roll on the rehearsals!  

By Georgia

Tickets for Christmas Broadsides are now on sale. Click here to buy tickets!