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Curiosity – by Suzanne

I’ve never been shy to ask questions – whether or not that’s a trait to be proud of, I don’t know. What I do know is: the act of asking has opened up Aladdin’s caves, left me dazed, moved and on a new path of discovery and curiosity. When someone lets me into their world […]
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Finding Your Tribe – by Suzanne

A few weeks ago, our Super Stage Manager, Jay Hirst, did me a massive solid and pointed me in the direction of Johann Hari and his interview on Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast. Jay suggested I listen and think about a blog, based on the topics of discussion:  loneliness, depression and the importance of a fulfilling […]
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Fathers, Collection 2 – By Suzanne

Anthony Hunt Transcription from recorded interview Deeply, Madly in Love, All their Lives Right, I think one of the early memories is, it would be Sunday and it was probably every Sunday, when I was a kid, very very little, must’ve been, oh, up to the age of 10.  And my Dad and his brother, […]
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Fathers – by Suzanne

One of the main threads in Hard Times is a Father’s relationship with his two children.  Through the course of 2.5 hours, we see a groomed, textbook approach to raising children, unravel and expose the threadbare consequences of relying on fact and etiquette, rather than love and attention to the individual and that individuals needs. […]
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We All Learn Differently – By Suzanne

“You can’t teach me to chop vegetables on paper….show me once and that’s all I need”.  Stuart, Chef and Co-owner of The Loom Lounge Café and Roastery. We all learn differently.  This has been one of the most important lessons I’ve absorbed as a professional actor. Between 2 and 15 (or more) people can turn […]
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A tapestry of voices – By Suzanne

  A tapestry of voices is emerging in our telling of this story and it is at once beautiful and charged. We hear voices from very different worlds: the self-made man, the Gradgrind school of reason and logic, the impact of this school on his family and students, the moneyed gentry, the circus and of […]
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Music, music, music – By Suzanne

The Viaduct rooms have been filled with rhythm, percussion, and vocal muscle since last Monday – and it’s flippin’ exciting!!!   Every spirit in this company came through the doors with a huge helping of honesty, heart and generosity on day 1:  and spirit seems to be at the very core of our whole project. […]
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In The Round – by Jim

Stoke – New Vic –  ‘In the round’. I haven’t played in the round Professionally. There’s a real knack to it. It’s a bit different to playing in Pros. Rutter gave me lots of help which I was very grateful for. There’s screens in the back showing what’s happening on stage. I was constantly watching […]
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What we have been up to – By Jim

Bury St Edmunds. The Theatre is lovely. Old school. Very unique too. With a semi circle of seated boxes at the back. The dressing room had a window looking onto the park and a PlayStation 2 in the Green Room. Me and Booth did play GTR quite a bit. The audiences were lovely too. Me, […]
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We’re on tour. We are on tour! By Jim

We’re on tour. We are on tour! I’m writing this waiting for my train at Piccadilly Manchester going to Bury St Edmunds. Never been to Bury St Edmunds. But it sounds quite posh. Me, Booth and Jackie are staying in digs a few miles out on an Alpaca farm. Couldn’t make it up! Here’s where […]
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