Stoke – New Vic –  ‘In the round’. I haven’t played in the round Professionally. There’s a real knack to it. It’s a bit different to playing in Pros. Rutter gave me lots of help which I was very grateful for. There’s screens in the back showing what’s happening on stage. I was constantly watching them, see how people sort of move, not keeping their back to the same bit of audience for too long. Fabulous audiences. A wonderful theatre. Fantastic staff and the cafe did very tasty food too.


The minute I got to Scarborough I dropped my suit case off at the Stephen Joseph Theatre and headed straight to Cooplands for a sausage sandwich and a pork and apple sausage roll. I asked the person on the till if she could tell me which way to the beach. She told me just to walk past the Iceland and walk down the alley and just keep going.

The minute I left Cooplands, sausage sandwich in my hand I head down the alley past Iceland. A seagull tried to attack me. I dodge its attempt… JUST. Worried, I fled back to the centre where the Cooplands is and where there are people for safety.

Safe, I started eating my sandwich again. Mid bite a seagull ripped it from my mouth. I couldn’t believe it. A felt well and truly part of the food chain.  A few meters away from me, a Grandma telling her Granddaughter  ‘’Did you just see that? A seagull just attacked that man!’’. With a  sausage roll in my hand still I panicked, put it in my coat pocket and ran to the post office for shelter and ate my sausage roll there. I’ve never met seagulls like it.


Scarborough – Or Scarbaydos as Kat called it! Was in the round and the audiences where fantastic too. My parents saw it on the Saturday evening so was lovely to see them.  Me, Booth, Kat, Jos, Parksy, Luce & Symon even tried out the famous Bacchus Nightclub. There’s also a local artist called Tracy Savage who does some amazing paintings. Jackie has just moved to Scarborough and I can see why. Other than the aggressive seagulls its a lovely place to live.












Liverpool – we were back playing in Pros, a fantastic city with lots of things to do in the day to keep busy, I’ve been about 30 times but never walked down and seen the famous Albert Dock. So popped down and it didn’t disappoint.

We are in York this week. If I’m not at the theatre you will probably find me down The Shambles!


Barrie’s last week on a broadsides tour. Still got his show at The Globe to go. Let’s hope for a Hull City win on Saturday afternoon.