Euripides’ Medea

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A new version by Tom Paulin



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A new version by Tom Paulin

Director: Barrie Rutter

Lighting Designer: Julie Washington

Music: Barbara Hockaday

Cast: Cleo Sylvester, Finetime Fontayne, Michelle Hardwick, Barbara Hockaday, Heather Phoenix, Nina Kristofferson, Barrie Rutter and Andy Pollard.

Opened at The Oxford Playhouse 2nd February 2010.

National tour from 9th February 2010 – 17th April 2010.

Featuing one of the most powerful female roles in the history of drama, Euripides’ Medea is reworked by poet Tom Paulin into lithe and sinewy modern English that coveys the shocking story – and our conflicted loyalties as spectators to the tragedy – more strongly than ever.

“Tom Paulin is among the best of a great generation of Irish poets” Sunday Telegraph