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We believe that every child has the right to experience and enjoy our country’s world-leading theatre which is why we are proud to support SOLT & UK Theatre’s #TheatreForEveryChild campaign. We think that every child has the right to go to the theatre, to experience the joy and opportunity that it can bring. It has the power to change young people’s perspectives, allowing them to see the world in new and exciting ways through the stories and characters they see on stage. 

Theatre For Every Child is a campaign which aims to see every child go to the theatre by the time they leave school. The campaign is asking political parties to commit to provide funding and support for this aim in their general election manifestos.

Once political support has been achieved, SOLT and UK Theatre will then work in partnership with schools and theatres to ensure that the aim is delivered, especially in schools and communities where theatre trips are currently not possible.





“It was a GCSE English trip to the RSC in Stratford that sparked my love of theatre and determined the course of my career. Sadly as the arts have become slowly marginalised in schools, fewer children have the opportunity to enjoy cultural experiences and experience the wellbeing and educational benefits that a trip to the theatre can bring.
At Northern Broadsides we support the Theatre For Every Child campaign and the proposal for the government to ring-fence funding to ensure all children can attend the theatre before they leave school.”
Ruth Cooke

Executive Director and Joint CEO of Northern Broadsides


We’ve been speaking to Evie (age 14), about her experience on Life in a Northern Town, our playwriting programme for 14 – 29 year olds in the North of England (a partnership between Northern Broadsides, Barnsley Civic, Blackpool Grand Theatre and The Customs House).

Catch up with Evie (14) on Life in a Northern Town

Hi Evie, how is the playwriting programme going so far?

“Life in a Northern Town has been such a fun experience, we’ve all enjoyed every minute of it!

I’ve learnt so much from this project, from things to do with drama to things to do with English and everything in between. It has also been a huge confidence boost, as I was very scared coming into this, but it’s made me feel much better as a person and that’s so important to me.

I really enjoyed meeting new people who have the same interests as us; drama and script writing, and the fact everyone was there for a reason… it was such a lovely community feel.”

What was your first experience of theatre?

“My first experience of theatre was when I was in primary school and we did a performance in Barnsley and I knew from that day on I wanted to be in the performing arts industry.”