I was buzzing to find out that I’d be touring with Much Ado About Nothing, but also curious to find out what weekly touring was like. I have toured once before, a few years back, with War Horse. However, with Much Ado we would be moving from venue to venue weekly, which is something I hadn’t experienced before. I’m not the most organised of people, so booking digs has at times been last minute, to say the least. Although this week I booked two days before we got to Derby and I ended up with a four bedroom house to myself. NAILING LIFE!

Also working out where I can gym, finding things to do in each area, and nice places to eat, and drink coffee, are all top priority.

Luckily for me, weekly touring hasn’t disappointed. After rehearsals and a run at the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle Under-Lyme, we have toured to venues in: Lancaster (The Dukes), Scarborough (Stephen Joseph Theatre), Salisbury (Salisbury Playhouse), Derby (Derby Theatre), and Bury St Edmunds. It’s lovely to play in a new theatre each week as the show constantly feels fresh and there’s always a different challenge in every space to keep you on your toes.

Staying fit.

I’m a keen runner and I like to run maybe 5 or so times a week, so finding running routes and a gym in every city has been important for me. I did The Whammy park run a couple of times in Newcastle Under-Lyme and recorded my 5k PB, so I was pretty happy about that. Thanks to Sophia Hatfield for motivating me to get up early on a Saturday morning!

My favourite running route so far, has to be Scarborough. Running from North to South Bay, and along the beach on a morning was liberating (those views), even if I was running at about 3mph because of the gale force winds. P.S I’m still trying to get the sand out of my eyes. A close second place has to be my Lancaster route, where I would run down the canal in pure peace, apart from occasionally avoiding stepping on a dog. A dog will always go in the exact direction you don’t want it to. Just so you know.


I made a pact with myself not to be a hermit whilst on tour, and actually make an effort to explore and enjoy being in new places. Sometimes to my detriment. Eg, deciding to head to Morecambe bay, on a bus, on the worst possible day, in freezing cold temperatures, and torrential rain. I could barely even see the sand on the beach it was that misty… but at least I have a picture with the Eric Morecambe statue, so it was worth it in the end. #doitforthegram

Some of my favourite outings so far:

Tour of Lancaster Castle, where we were guided buy a very enthusiastic guide named Cameron. I got a few acting lessons here, watching him re-enact a court case from back in the day. (I’d be more specific but can’t remember the details).

Visiting Salisbury Cathedral. My girlfriend was up that day to visit, which was lovely, and we had fun reading the Magna Carta, and I asked a million questions cos she’s a history buff!

Trip to the Roaches, whilst in Newcastle Under-Lyme. Me, Sarah, Robin and Davey drove out to the Roaches, not far from Stoke-on-Trent. It was lovely to get out of the city, walk, chat, and breathe some fresh air. It’s easy to forget what that tastes like.

Finally, Trentham Gardens in Stoke, which was an unexpected gem. Absolutely beautifully kept gardens and lake, with great architecture and art. I also saw a Black Swan, or two to be exact, for the first time, and a few monkeys in the Monkey forest. Then I got lost in the woods, and I thought I was going to be in the new Blair Witch movie… Thankfully I survived. So that was definitely a day to remember.

That’s to name a few of my highlights, and hopefully more adventures to come! Last week I was staying in a cottage in Bury St Edmunds with a few other cast members. We had a Jacuzzi, and a pool. Need I say more?

Linford x