We’re on tour. We are on tour!

I’m writing this waiting for my train at Piccadilly

Manchester going to Bury St Edmunds. Never been to Bury St Edmunds. But it sounds quite posh. Me, Booth and Jackie are staying in digs a few miles out on an Alpaca farm. Couldn’t make it up!

Here’s where we’ve been so far!

Leeds first at West Yorkshire Playhouse. Now I was very excited about the theatre in West Yorkshire Playhouse because this was the place I saw Northern Broadsides, Othello. The theatre is MASSIVE. It can fit about 750 people in it. The Viaduct in Halifax was Traverse. It took a bit of time to get use to performing the play in Pros  (Proscenium).

I got lost so many times backstage trying to find the dressing room. Tuesday when we arrived finding the dressing room was a bit like a crystal maze challenge. The corridors are stacked with posters of shows down the years.  A brilliant thing about WYP was the rooms have beds in them! If you like a good nap between matinee and evening shows, the WYP is a perfect theatre to work at! Booth took full advantage of this! There is a cafe in Kirkgate market that makes Moroccan food called Moor Cafe. Barrie, Kat & Jos had been going all week and introduced me to it. The food was amazing. All made right in front of you.

I was in Sainsburys buying a red bull and a banana. I security guard came up to me and told me I needed to show him my receipt to him, to prove I bought them. I think he thought I looked a bit suspicious, which is easy to presume at the moment. I told him my beard and dodgy haircut was all for a show I was in at the West Yorkshire playhouse and that he should come. But he wasn’t having any of it! I still had to prove I wasn’t a thief.

Huddersfield next. The Theatre is beautiful & big too. Old school. A lovely bar too. Three tiers. I wasn’t brave enough to go to the third tier and take a photo. So sent Jos to take one instead. My sister lives in Huddersfield so it was nice to meet up with her so she could show me around. Blake came along in the week to see how we were getting on too, which was nice!

Very lucky to do my first ever tour with Northern Broadsides. Very lucky to be working! One of the things I’m enjoying is visiting all these different theatres.

Bury St Edmunds this week.
The Rose Theatre in Kingston the week after next and then New Vic Stoke in the round!

I’m hoping by Stoke that Hull City A.F.C. have recorded their first away win of the season!