Bury St Edmunds.

The Theatre is lovely. Old school. Very unique too. With a semi circle of seated boxes at the back.

The dressing room had a window looking onto the park and a PlayStation 2 in the Green Room. Me and Booth did play GTR quite a bit.

The audiences were lovely too.

Me, Jackie and Booth rented a converted barn that was first turned into a bakery and then a cottage on an alpaca farm.

Couldn’t write it! My room was in the attic. I did keep banging my head. Saying that I was banging my head everywhere in the theatre, and the pub too. You must have to be under six foot to live in Bury. Ducking and diving all week. Had it sussed though by the Saturday.

Bury St Edmunds. The poshest Gregg’s I’ve ever seen. I was surprised there wasn’t a bouncer on the door.

Bouncer: Sorry mate not letting you in with them trainers.
Me: I only want a sausage roll and cheese pasty!

The Weatherspoon’s was very suave too. We also took a trip to Lavenham. A medieval village about a twenty minute drive from the farm.


Here is a picture of Ailsa and Me outside Godric’s Hollow in Lavenham.


We are at The Rose in Kingston this week. Which is quite exciting! I’ve lived in London for a chunk so have seen many Broadside productions here. When We Are Married, Rutherford & Son, Merry Wives to name a few. It’s lovely to finally perform at The Rose!