I am a maker and designer at heart; so when Northern Broadsides offered me the position of Touring Wardrobe Mistress for their production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, I was more than a little bit surprised.

As You Like It Costumes

There have been many firsts for me on this job; first time touring, first time in a full time running wardrobe position, first time managing a sizeable collection of costumes and first time styling and applying wigs/ hairdressing.
It’s a tough job; long hours, significant responsibility and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done; the old adage that wardrobe are always “first in and last out” is overwhelmingly accurate. But there is also a lot of laughs, camaraderie, and a closeness that comes from being on the road with others.
I return to costume design and creation with a broader understanding of how to take a design vision from concept to the reality of how it will operate on tour.
Many thanks to Northern Broadsides for this opportunity; it has been invaluable and has catapulted me to the next level.

Amy Jones – Touring Wardrobe Mistress